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Depth of Roster
Posted by Eldershield on 4.4.14

EldershieldTen players we currently need to run a raid. Right? Wrong I say! The truth is, poo happens. And when it does you don't want to be caught with your pants down during progression. If you recruit some random player two days before your raid, and expect everything to move on smoothly, you should think again. Even if the player you pick up has the gear, or even the experience to match the player he or she replaced, it's likely there will be a learning curve with your specific strat, dealing with a different class/spec (if it changed), personality issues, tardiness, communication, or some other problem. Most raid leaders know full well that finding the "perfect" replacement for a week while your swing healer goes to his sister's wedding, almost never happens.

But how do you fix this? It's not like finding good "stand-by" players is any easier. Indeed, it takes patience to build a roster with dependable depth so your progression nights amidst absences aren't severely hindered. However, I can tell you that it's not impossible. Here's a few tips...

First, try to find raiders that are a little further than you in progression (in our case, try to find them from within the Convert to Raid community). Focus on players who play a lot, and have a few alts. These guys are likely wanting gear for their alts, and would love to get them on a steady team, rather than pugging LFR's, Flexes, and the occasional normal-mode hail-mary attempts on Monday's with terrible players that end in failure. Good players are good players. Even if you get their alt, they'll likely treat it like a main toon, and benfit your raid.

Second, try searching for players that are burning out at a higher level. Many players have to step down from the pace of heroic progression 4-days a week. These are usually phenomenal players who had a real-life check that took them out of the game. If you raid a lot less, maybe they'll see you as a good opportunity to stick with raiding, but slower to accomodate their new schedule.

Third, try to remember good players from your past that have fallen away from the game a bit. Encourage them to get back into it. Even if you have to spend the time to gear them up, the skilled player is more valuable than the toon. It will be worth it in the long run, and you'll rekindle an old friendship.

Finally, get the word out any way you can. Use social media, forums, etc. to advertise your team. In these pre-WoD months, it should be super easy to sell the fact that your team will be recruiting permanent players if you're switching from 10-man to mythic. Additionally, incentivise people by offering to gear them up a bit. Every now and then, put them on the roster and ask one of your current members who doesn't need gear to take a seat. Don't keep the twinky on the string, you have to actually let them raid occasionally, you can't resort to empty promises, or they'll quickly find another home.

Consistency is a huge part of progression raiding that is often times under-emphasized. Most teams, I would say, only have their official set-in-stone roster about 55-70% of the time. Which means, if they don't have a bench roster at all then they resort to complete strangers 30-45% of the time, which surely takes a toll on the team's progress. However, if you can fill those unexpected absences with friendly faces who have performed well with team before, you won't feel like you're wasting any precious raid time!

The Future of Wreckedified
Posted by Eldershield on 3.22.14

Long term planning is essential for healthy progression raiding. All raid teams should have a loose plan of what they will be doing six months from now, and they should all know exactly what they are doing a week from now. If the goals, ambitions, or schedule is unclear, the raid leader is to blame.

Wreckedified is taking the WoD changes seriously. We still have a great deal of time before these changes take effect, but careful planning will ensure a smooth transition with no suprises, and no loss of progress.

Our goals are to kill Heroic Garrosh before Mythic is forced upon us. So, until then, we'll stay as a 10-man team, and not be in any dire need of recruiting. However, the process of recruiting should start well before the changes, so we have enough time to get comfortable with the 10 players we choose to add to the team. There is a lot of gray area we can play with. Technically, we're accepting applicants right now, with the understanding we won't really need them until WoD.

Additionally, as soon as we know which raid roles are available for the Mythic team, we'll post them ASAP. First selection goes to those players on the 10-man team (If one of our DPS wants to switch to tanking for WoD, then he/she gets a tanking spot). After that, we'll fill spots based on our perception of the recruits. Priority will be given to those players we feel will have the most potential to help the team.